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5 Puzzles of Salesforce Continuous Integration – Unpuzzled

We are hosting the webinar on March 15th, 11am PST. As our valued customer, this webinar will help you unpuzzle:

  • GIT – is it truly a cryptic monster for the Salesforce teams to run so many commands especially having evolved on a platform driven by point and click?
  • How do I ensure quality check-ins from my development team?
  • How to integrate parallel work streams when several off-shore/onsite team members are working on multiple user stories at the same time?
  • Deployment in Salesforce are associated with many pre-post deployment steps, all of which are manual today. Should they continue to be manual?
  • Is there way that I can set up my environments faster – like metadata, data, post-deployment steps all at once – Can it be a reality?

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